Called to carry the cross – a Good Friday reflection

2000 years ago, there lived a man called Simon who had come to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover Feast. When he woke up that Friday morning, ‘carrying the cross of Jesus’ was probably not on his to-do list.

Why World Religion Day matters so much

When you believe in a higher power—whether divine or secular—it gives you a feeling of control and a sense that life is inherently meaningful. Regardless of colour, creed, or culture, the history of humanity is a history of searching for something unifying and timeless that adds meaning and richness to life. For centuries, for many, religion has served that need.

What is Advent and why is it important?

Advent always starts four Sundays before Christmas. This year, in 2023, Advent starts on Sunday 3 December and ends on Sunday 24 December.

Taking communion to the sick

National Volunteer Week is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteering which recognises the invaluable support that volunteers provide to their communities. A Volunteer Appreciation Day was held in May at the Royal North Shore Hospital where many of our Catholic Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion were amongst those who received commendation for every five years of service.

Our pilgrims return from World Youth Day refreshed and energised

It’s not every day you wake up to a DJ priest pumping beats to a field of 1.5 million people. But for CatholicCare employees, Lucy Martin and Petition Chinyemba, this was exactly how their day started on 6 August 2023.

Kevin explores the questions of life, death and faith in his final weeks

“My husband, in his prime, was a 6 ft 2, rugby playing, cricket playing sportsman,” says Patricia reflecting on the life of her beloved husband, Kevin who passed away in May. “So, when Peter – a strong man of deep faith - accompanied Kevin in his final weeks, he was exactly what he needed.”

What is Advent and why is it important?

In 2021, Advent runs from November 28 to December 24. It's an important part of the year for Christians but is not always clearly understood by the general public.

Why this World Religion Day matters more than ever

The need to believe in something bigger than ourselves is a human need. Regardless of colour, creed, or culture, the history of humanity is a history of searching for something unifying and timeless that adds meaning and richness to life.

Our 2019/20 annual report is now available!

Around the world, the year 2019/20 will be remembered as a tragedy, as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged communities with staggering loss of life – challenging our health, education and social welfare systems and economies. Through this, CatholicCare remained true to its mission – serving in justice and love – bringing hope to those who most desperately need it.

An important update from CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay

We are certainly sharing unfamiliar and unpredictable times. CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay is working hard to keep our doors open to those in need, and our clients and their families, our staff and our communities safe in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Historic national Catholic Safeguarding Standards launched

Catholic Professional Standards Limited (CPSL)  has released the historic National Catholic Safeguarding Standards in response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Speaking shortly after the release, CEO Sheree Limbrick said that during the Royal Commission, Catholic leaders committed to establishing nationally consistent standards and to the audit and public reporting of the compliance of Church Authorities with those standards.

Hospital chaplaincy continues amongst hospital openings and closures

Late last year the NSW Health Hospitals on the Northern Beaches closed their acute care, mental health and maternity facilities at Manly and Mona Vale Hospitals.  Anyone living in the local parishes will be well aware of the changes, talked about for many decades and now completed.