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At CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay we focus on ability, helping you to choose and access supports, programs and activities to suit your lifestyle and aspirations. We put you in the driver’s seat, and help you get to your destination, whilst assisting you in navigating any bumps along the road.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has opened up possibilities you may not have thought about. However, it’s not always straightforward. That’s where our expertise and experience come in handy.

Let us work with you to develop the skills and access the support you need to maximise your independence, get out and about in the community and achieve your personal goals. We are accredited to provide services by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and offer dedicated disability centres in Brookvale and Waitara with options for individual and group activities, and pathways to inclusion and independence.

Our dedicated staff pride themselves on developing strong relationships with the people we support along with their families and carers. We work with you to create a world where people living with a disability are valued equally, listened to and included.

For more information:
P: (02) 9488 2500
E: disabilityfutures@catholiccaredbb.org.au

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At CatholicCare we focus on ability.

We’re all about helping our clients bring out the best in themselves and assisting families to navigate the NDIS to get the supports they need. We are enablers, facilitators, coaches and friends.

We know people want to have fun, learn new sills, make friends and express themselves and we have a range of brilliant programs to make this a reality.

No-one is judging me and that's a relief. I can be who I want to be here.

Hannah, Boonah artist

Latest news on our Disability & NDIS Supports

NDIS support changes everything for the Mockler family

Four years ago, life looked very different for the Mockler household. Without support via the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) they were managing, but only just.

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Making the world better and fairer for those living with disability #IDPWD23

1 in 6 Australians are living with a disability - that’s 4.4 million people. Disability can be related to genetic disorders, illnesses, accidents, ageing, injuries or a combination of these factors. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of people for whom their main form of disability is mental or behavioural.  

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Clients with disability supported to speak up

Every Friday, Nicola leaves work smiling. After developing the mindfulness and movement program in 2020, her goal was to fill the gap in mental health support for people living with a disability.

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Living independently and kicking goals at Woods Cottage

When you first set foot into Woods Cottage – whoever you are – you are treated like an old friend. Part of CatholicCare’s Supported Independent Living Program, Woods Cottage provides individualised, in-home support to adults living with a disability. Alison, Susie, Jo, and Kay reside at Woods Cottage, and they couldn’t be prouder of their home.

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