Our pilgrims return from World Youth Day refreshed and energised

It’s not every day you wake up to a DJ priest pumping beats to a field of 1.5 million people. But for CatholicCare employees, Lucy Martin and Petition Chinyemba, this was exactly how their day started on 6 August 2023.

Supporting youth in the fight against bullying

Bullying is a national health concern, affecting many children and adolescents. A recent study revealed that over 25% of children and adolescents in Australia experience traditional forms of bullying, and 7% experience cyberbullying.

It’s International Youth Day

International Youth Day this year is 12 August. This is a time when we can really focus on the issues that challenge Australia's youth and consider viable solutions and ways forward.

Innovative sports program at OSHC

The COVID pandemic has impacted individuals and communities globally, with financial, health, social and emotional implications making headlines for the last few years. For the team at our Waitara OSHC, a less expected impact has been an increase in incidents on climbing equipment as children return to normal play times and experiences.

Drugs, alcohol & young people – some helpful tips for parents

Experimentation with alcohol and other drugs is a part of the lives of many young people. For many parents, approaching this topic with our children can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.

New adolescent & young adult hospice opens in Manly

Our Hospital Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care team now extends its service to the new Adolescent & Young Adult Hospice in Manly. CatholicCare provides Hospital Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care (HC&PC) services to seven hospitals, public and private, across our Diocese.

Why parenting skills are important

Before we become parents, most of us expect to face some tough times. But  the overwhelm and the strange mix of love, worry, anger, frustration, fun and defeat that comes with raising children is not something anyone can prepare us for.

In the news – the urgent need for foster carers

Up to 30 kids need emergency accommodation each night on the Northern Beaches, but many are forced to sleep in motel rooms due to a desperate shortage of foster carers. As many as 30 children — some aged just five — need emergency accommodation each night on the Northern Beaches.

Dance opens the door for people living with disability

‘Dance is my life’, is the mantra of CatholicCare Disability Futures participant, Kayla Donaldson. For Kayla, dance has been a pathway to expression and recognition.

Adam’s embracing care & taking steps to a brighter future

A difficult start in life and added trauma along the way led young Adam to develop some challenging behaviours, disengage with school and use anger as a barrier against the world. But the supports he has received while living in one of our Intensive Therapeutic Care homes has seen a number of small breakthroughs which are helping him to identify his emotions, modify his behaviour and re-engage with education. 

It’s Youth Week 2022

Youth Week is an annual event that runs this year from 4 - 14 April 2022. This is a time when we can really focus on the issues that challenge Australia's youth and consider viable solutions and ways forward.

James gets his life on track

James was 14 when he first came to be supported by CatholicCare in one of its residential care group homes, but despite the challenges he has faced in his young life, he has now committed himself to study and to his creative interests and is beginning to look to the future with hope.