We provide free, independent and confidential financial counselling to anyone having difficulties managing money. We have offices in Artarmon, Brookvale and Ryde. Our Financial Counsellors can help you prepare a budget or money plan, manage your debts, set realistic financial goals, understand your rights, and if needed negotiate with creditors. It’s always best to seek help early before your problems get out of control. Financial counselling can help you relieve stress, resolve immediate problems and plan for the future.

Our Financial Counsellors:

  • Listen in a non-judgemental and caring manner
  • Analyse and assess your financial situation
  • Give you information about credit and debt issues
  • Help you develop a plan to improve your situation
  • If appropriate, act as an advocate for you and negotiate with the people you owe money to
  • Refer you to other services if necessary
  • Provide information on bankruptcy and assist you to explore alternatives
  • Will involve you in the process as much as possible.

For more information:
P: 1800 324 924

Funded by the NSW Office of Fair Trading and the Commonwealth Department of Social Services


This video explains what financial counselling is and how can a financial counsellor help you.

It’s smart to ask for help and this is our area of expertise and always best to seek help early before your problems get out of control. Our door is open and this service is available to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not Catholic, can I still access your service?

Yes, our service is open to all.

What is financial counselling, and how can it help me?

Financial counselling is a service that provides personalised guidance and support to individuals facing financial challenges. Financial Counsellors provide information, advice and advocacy to people in financial difficulty.

Is financial counselling confidential?

Yes, financial counsellors adhere to strict confidentiality standards. Your personal and financial information will be kept private and secure.

Are financial counsellors independent or do they act as mediators for creditors?

Financial counsellors are independent and work on behalf of our clients.

How much does financial counselling cost?

Financial counselling is a free service.

Who can benefit from financial counselling?

Anyone experiencing financial difficulties or seeking to improve their financial well-being can benefit from financial counselling. Individuals and families are typically facing debt, budgeting issues, unexpected expenses, or looking to enhance their financial literacy.

How do I schedule an appointment with a financial counsellor?

You can schedule an appointment by calling 1800 324 924 during business hours or emailing

What documents or information should I bring to my financial counselling session?

It’s helpful to bring documents related to your income, expenses, debts, and any financial goals you may have. This might include pay slips, bank statements, bills, credit card statements and letters from creditors.

Will the financial counsellor make decisions for me?

No, financial counsellors provide guidance and recommendations based on your financial situation, but the decisions and next steps will always be up to you.

Can you help me negotiate with creditors?

Yes, in some circumstances financial counsellors can assist with advocating with creditors on your behalf to establish repayment plans or explore other debt relief options.

How long does a typical financial counselling session last?

The length of a session can vary depending on your needs and complexity of your financial situation. Generally sessions last between 1 to 2 hours.

What geographical areas does CatholicCare cover for financial counselling?

CatholicCare offers financial counselling services at our offices in Artarmon, Brookvale and West Ryde and the service covers part of Sydney’s Lower North Shore, the Northern Beaches and Northern Sydney. Please contact the National Debt Hotline at or 1800 007 007 for financial counselling assistance outside of this geographic location.

Is your financial counselling service available online or over the phone?

Yes, we offer in-person meetings at our Artarmon, Brookvale or West Ryde offices, as well as online or telephone sessions. You can choose the method that is most convenient for you.

What if I need ongoing support after my initial session?

Financial counsellors are available for follow-up sessions, and we encourage clients to reach out whenever they need further assistance or face new financial challenges.

Are your financial counsellors certified or accredited?

Yes, financial counsellors are required to have complete the Diploma of Financial Counselling and be accredited with FCAN (Financial Counsellor’s Association of NSW).

Do you provide assistance with creating a budget or financial plan?

Yes, financial counsellors help complete a personalised budget and an action plan to achieve your goals and improve your financial situation.

Are your services available to people of all income levels?

Yes, financial counselling services are accessible to individuals from all income levels and backgrounds.

Do you provide financial advice or investment strategy?

No. Financial Counsellors do not provide financial advice or investment strategy. This is usually a paid service provided by Financial Advisors or Financial Planners.

Do you provide tax advice?

No. Financial Counsellors do not provide specific tax advice but can refer clients that meet the eligibility criteria to free university tax clinics.

Do you provide legal advice?

No. Financial Counsellors do not provide legal advice but can provide referrals to Legal Aid or other Community Legal Services.

Do you loan money?

No. Financial Counsellors do not loan money.

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