Healthier, happier & together under one roof

Despite having all the right intentions, he found it overwhelming and almost impossible to meet the needs of his children, particularly those with significant physical and intellectual disabilities. 

Everything you need to know about supported playgroups

Are your little ones climbing the walls at home? Have you ever thought about attending a playgroup but not sure what to expect? Perhaps, you’ve heard the term, ‘supported playgroup’ and wondering what that’s all about.

Families to benefit as the NSW Government reveals the locations of 100 new preschools

Thousands of families across NSW will benefit from expanded access to early childhood education as the NSW Government unveils the locations for 100 new public preschools.

KEYS program helps Lily

While many women are resting and nesting at 37 weeks pregnant, this was the last thing on Lily’s mind. At 22 years old and heavily pregnant, Lily was referred from CatholicCare’s Safe Homes program to the KEYS program that supports young parents aged 16 – 24 years who are homeless, or at risk of being homeless.

Drugs, alcohol & young people – some helpful tips for parents

Experimentation with alcohol and other drugs is a part of the lives of many young people. For many parents, approaching this topic with our children can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.

Why parenting skills are important

Before we become parents, most of us expect to face some tough times. But  the overwhelm and the strange mix of love, worry, anger, frustration, fun and defeat that comes with raising children is not something anyone can prepare us for.

Why families and educators are choosing home-based care for children

For Lisa Baker, pursuing her career in a community-based preschool simply wasn’t an option. When Lisa’s second child was born she says, “it just wasn’t affordable for me to have two children in care and be working in a preschool but I really wanted to be able to stay in the profession I loved.”

National Families Week – a time to connect or a time to seek support?

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and National Families Week (marked 15 - 21 May 2022) is the perfect time to celebrate our nearest and dearest and what they bring to our lives. Whilst the traditional setup of mum, dad and two children still has its place in Australian society, family units are becoming more diverse and unashamedly so.

Family Day Care – a home away from home

Family Day Care for many working parents is the next best thing to being at home themselves with their children. It is less formal than a childcare centre, with supervised care for children being provided in the private homes of licensed educators. It is often thought of as a home away from home.

Our free pregnancy counselling service – a safe space to explore your feelings

News of a pregnancy can sometimes result in feelings that are all over the place. However, if those feelings are overwhelming or confusing, they might definitely be worth exploring with CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay’s (CCDBB) experienced counsellors.

Maria & Alberto grapple with separation (how our Family Dispute Resolution team helped)

Marriage or relationship breakdown is never easy, especially when children are involved, but our Family Dispute Resolution program helps open up the lines of communication again and assists parties to move forward in the best possible way. Maria and Alberto came to Australia from Europe for Alberto’s work. They have two children and while in Australia they separated. 

COVID meant Abigail lost her job, but not her hope

When Abigail lost her job during the COVID pandemic and needed emergency surgery to treat a tumour, she found herself all of a sudden struggling to pay the bills, but CatholicCare’s financial counselling service helped get her back on track and in a stronger position going forward. “I was the Business Development Manager for a gym for many years,” says Abigail, aged in her 20’s.