Amy says no to abuse

“I planned my escape to take place at 7.00am on 24 September 2022,” says Amy who had been a victim of domestic violence for three years. “I planned for it to happen at a time when Chris was a 45 minute drive away.

Empowering young people to speak up when something isn’t right

Slowly but surely, domestic violence is becoming less of a taboo topic. Here we explore the importance of teaching young people how to be active bystanders and speaking up when something isn’t right.

Self-care in the trees for survivors of domestic & family violence

If you were to picture a group for survivors of domestic and family violence, you probably imagine a group of women sitting on chairs, sipping cups of tea, and nervously engaging in small talk. This couldn’t be further from reality for women attending our Treetops experience.

Relinquishing the family dream

Tegan describes her relationship with Daniel as “wonderful” when they first got together. They had big plans for their future, and over time they bought a home and became parents to a healthy little girl.

Counselling helps Prisha recognise coercive control

"We had the privilege of supporting Prisha, aged 28 through her journey after receiving a referral from CatholicCare’s Family Connect and Support team,” says CatholicCare Counsellor Michele. “Prisha was born in India and her family still reside there.

Men who use violence get ‘Back on Track’

“I already feel safer and my husband is more willing to listen to me,” says one woman who’s partner has been attending CatholicCare’s Back on Track program this year. The program was launched in April and is a 30-week group program for men who are using violence, abuse, or coercive control in their relationships and with their families.

When Christmas isn’t so merry

Every year, when November comes around, the big build up to Christmas and New Year begins. Shopping centres overload our senses with the lights and sounds of Christmas, and brands convince us that their products will surely change our lives, if only we buy them.

Hannah & her family finally have stability

In March 2021, life for Hannah and her two children could not have been worse. For 20 years, Hannah had experienced significant domestic family violence from her children’s father, and it was a reality that her children grew to know as normal.

Cynthia’s domestic violence story

“A couple of months after I arrived in Australia from China, I started to experience significant domestic violence from my ex-husband. It was severe and involved emotional and financial abuse,”

Anna finally has a safe place to call home

For 29 year old Anna and her daughter, the Lindara Family Program is the reason they aren’t homeless today. Issues around housing affordability and ongoing experiences of family and domestic violence left Anna in a constant state of fear that she and her daughter would have nowhere safe to live.

Partnering with The Glen on men’s behaviour change

Men who may have a history of violence but who wish to understand themselves better are taking part in a ground-breaking program delivered by CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay (CCDBB) at The Glen on the Central Coast. The Glen was established by the Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation in 1994 and is the only male-specific Central Coast Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre.

Celebrating our amazing workers and the incredibly resilient women we work with on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate and promote the empowerment of women around the world – is this year exploring the theme: ‘Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’. CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay (CCDBB) supports International Women’s Day and many of its programs are aimed at practically empowering women who may be facing challenging circumstances in their life.