Robert Graham is an incredible man and fundraising powerhouse!

Rob has raised considerable funds for St John the Baptist Parish in Woy Woy, and Mary Mac’s Place over the years. Mary Mac’s, managed and operated by CatholicCare, is open to anyone who is homeless, transient or needing a helping hand on the Central Coast. Located at the Ethel Cox Centre in Woy Woy – Mary Mac’s provides a two course lunch daily and a place to shower and to wash clothes.

Thank you to the Everglades Country Club – fundraiser for Mary Mac’s

Mary Mac’s Place provides social, community and friendship opportunities for men, women and families, young people, elderly people and anyone facing difficulties in their lives. Homeless or transient people can pop in for a meal and to shower and wash their clothes.

It was a very Merry Mac’s

It was a very merry celebration at Mary Mac’s this year. Mary Mac’s Place Woy Woy is a not-for-profit community kitchen where volunteers provide a hot lunch, washing and shower facilities and referrals to other services for the homeless and disadvantaged people in our community. 

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Mary Mac’s Place Project is an initiative of St John the Baptist Parish, Woy Woy, and is managed and operated by CatholicCare. It's open to anyone who is down on their luck, homeless or transient.