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Our Early Learning Centres are purpose-built preschools and long day care centres adjacent to our local Catholic primary schools and are open to everyone in the community. Your family does not need to be Catholic to attend our Early Learning Centres and all families are welcome regardless of which primary school your child will attend.

Warm, home-like atmospheres and inclusive play-based learning is at the core of our philosophy and practice. We believe that children thrive and learn best when they feel safe, supported and respected for who they are, and when their learning is guided by intentional experiences and their own interests and choices. We create positive environments where children develop trust, feel safe, and are happy and content. Our centres are havens for learning, creativity, fun, laughter and enjoyment!

We respect and value all children for their unique qualities, individuality, diversity, interests, abilities and characteristics. We aim to support children as they begin their educational journey so they can grow and develop into strong and confident people and our experienced staff deliver a program that is designed to maximise each child’s learning through a play-based approach that is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS).

For more information:
P: 1800 324 924
E: info@catholiccaredbb.org.au

We pride ourselves on providing services that are welcoming

All our centres provide stimulating, supportive and safe environments, where play and discovery allow for children to learn, problem solve, think creatively and grow.

Our parents feel happy and secure knowing their child is in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment that promotes a sense of family.


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Our Lady of Good Counsel ELC Forestville

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St Brendan's ELC Lake Munmorah

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Our Lady Star of the Sea ELC Terrigal

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Waitara Early Learning & Care Centre

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St John the Baptist ELC Woy Woy

Childhood is a time to be, and to make meaning of the world.


I am not Catholic, can my children attend your service?

Yes they certainly can. Our ELCs are open to all.

How does a preschool differ from a long day care service?

The main difference is the hours and the Government funding that the families can access.  Both preschool and long day care services follow the Early Years Learning Framework, regulations and access the same National Quality Standards.

What hours are you open?

Families will have to contact the ELCs directly to find out opening and closing times as each service differs slightly.

Do I need to provide food for my child?

Preschool families need to provide the children’s food for morning tea and lunch. Our long day care service in Waitara has a cook is onsite who prepares the meals each day. Extended hours program children are required to bring morning tea and lunch.

What are your fees?

Families will need to contact the service they are interested in attending to find out their fee schedules.

Do you offer the Child Care Subsidy?

Services who offer long day care or extended hours can provide CCS relief to eligible families. Contact your service of interest to find out more.

How do I register for the Child Care Subsidy?

Families can follow the steps to enrol for the CCS here.


How do I enrol my child?

Reach out to the service you are interested in and if you decide to proceed the Director will send an enrolment link to HubWorks. All our ELCs will have an orientation session for the family and child before they start.

Does my child have to go to the primary school attached to the preschool?

No they don’t. Many children do move across to the primary school and others will move to other local schools. Our ELCs have great connections to the primary school and because of this, the transition to school is made easier.

Can I receive fee relief subsidy on my preschool fees or my long day care fees?

Our preschools receive NSW Government funding for fee relief for two days of attendance.

Fee relief is also available for long day care after the Child Care Subsidy is applied if eligible.

Can you tell me more about your educators?

Our Early Learning Centres are staffed by a dedicated team of qualified professionals who are rigorously screened prior to employment with CatholicCare.


Children learn about themselves and the world through art

Art is something we really value at of our Lake Munmorah Early Learning Centre. It is such a big part of expressing your thoughts and ideas, and as a child it’s one of those go to mediums for communication when you don’t have the written word yet.

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Families to benefit as the NSW Government reveals the locations of 100 new preschools

Thousands of families across NSW will benefit from expanded access to early childhood education as the NSW Government unveils the locations for 100 new public preschools.

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Innovative sports program at OSHC

The COVID pandemic has impacted individuals and communities globally, with financial, health, social and emotional implications making headlines for the last few years. For the team at our Waitara OSHC, a less expected impact has been an increase in incidents on climbing equipment as children return to normal play times and experiences.

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Young people pursue careers in early childhood education

As Australian job vacancies double, recruiting staff is more challenging than ever before. According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics release, there are 480,100 job vacancies in Australia, a 111.1% increase from 2011.

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