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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding to enable people to access the supports they need to live a good life, to help you follow your dreams and achieve your personal goals.

We are an NDIS registered provider for the following services which may be part of your NDIS plan:

  • Support with accommodation and tenancy
  • Assistance with managing life stages and transitions
  • Assistance with personal activities
  • Assistance with travel and transport
  • Support with daily tasks and shared living
  • Development of life skills
  • Support with community participation
  • Support co-ordination
  • Assistance to participate in group activities
  • Assistance to maintain mainstream employment
  • Behaviour support.

Supporting you to create your personal plan, identifying what you would like to achieve, exploring the possibilities of your NDIS plan and making it happen – that’s where CatholicCare can help! We are a Temporary Transition Payment (TTP) provider and our pricing for services are charged at the TTP price limit as per the NDIA support catalogue here.

When you engage CatholicCare as your service provider, you get a personal plan based around the skills you would like to develop, the activities you enjoy and the settings that best suit your goals. This plan also helps you ensure that your services align with your NDIS funding. CatholicCare encourages and supports you on your journey, tracking your progress so you are ready for each NDIS plan review. Of course you can modify your personal plan at any time.

NDIS funding only goes so far. If you would like additional support that is not covered by your plan, we can provide you a quote for additional support on a fee paying basis.

For more information:
P: (02) 9488 2500
E: disabilityfutures@catholiccaredbb.org.au

There's a sense of accomplishment and an understanding that you're part of something very special that's bigger than yourself.


As a person-centred organisation, CatholicCare has people at its heart. We believe you should make choices about the support you receive. We empower you to make decisions that will enable you to live a positive and fulfilling life. We’re all about you.

  • We treat you as an individual and take your views into account.
  • We treat you with fairness.
  • We keep what you tell us confidential unless we are required by law to tell someone else.
  • We show respect for your intrinsic value and your right to human dignity.
  • We will stand up for you and others with similar experiences, to bring about a more just world.
  • We assist you regardless of your race, religion, sexuality, cultural background, personal beliefs or disability.
  • We give you clear explanations. We will tell you exactly what we are going to do, when we are going to do it and what we expect of you.
  • We will provide you with relevant information to your specific needs.
  • We keep our word.
  • We are transparent and open in our processes and communication to you and your circle of support.
  • We will coach you in working with the NDIA.
  • We deliver our services on time.
  • We assist you to be independent and not rely on us, and develop decision making skills for yourself.
  • We help you bring out the best in yourself.
  • If we cannot help, we will tell you and find someone else who will be able to do so.
  • We will connect you with other support agencies and service providers when needed to enhance your level of support.
  • We will provide supports that enhance your participation in the mainstream community.

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