Do you feel stuck – like there’s something you just can’t resolve on your own?

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore tricky life experiences or concerns in a safe and reflective environment. When feelings become overwhelming or confusing, counselling can be really helpful. We work with you, assisting you to face challenges and stressors, coming up with suggestions to tackle or resolve these challenges. We listen, talk through experiences and help you think about ways forward. Common issues addressed in counselling include family transitions, communication issues, work/life balance, conflict, parenting after separation, grief and loss and decision making.

We provide individual counselling, relationship counselling as well as children and youth counselling. We also provide family counselling, to support the whole family functioning as a unit – however change in just one member can benefit the whole family so please do not hesitate to reach out even if all members are not willing to engage in therapy.

Counselling fees are $60 per hour (with a $20 fee for concession card holders). CatholicCare will not refuse service in cases of financial hardship.


Pregnancy is commonly assumed to be a time of joy, but for many women, men and children, it is accompanied by anxiety and grief. We offer free counselling for people of all ages, including their significant others across the North Shore. We cover issues such asunplanned pregnancy, loss due to miscarriage, termination, neo-natal death, support during and after pregnancy, adoption, pregnancy testing and contraception. We also link women to specialised health and community services where needed.


Counselling can help maintain family relationships, and supports the care and development of children ...



Parents love their children and want the best for them. Following separation, parenting can get tougher. This is a 5 week course for separated parents who are experiencing on-going conflict designed to assist parents in seeing the separation through their children’s eyes. It provides tips on how to best support children following family separation.


An online pre-mediation course that helps you get the most out of mediation. This course covers parental behaviours that help and hurt children after separation. All our Family Centre’s offer this online course.

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