Calls for emergency relief surge

Wild weather, natural disasters and the rising cost of living has seen a spike in demand for CatholicCare’s emergency relief services. “Towards the end of the financial year, our requests for help just went ballistic,” says Emergency Relief Lead Kristy.

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Throughout Australia, housing prices are on a sharp increase. In fact, the Commonwealth Bank forecasts that housing prices will continue to go up by 16% over the next two years due to the housing market boom.

CatholicCare refuge changing lives for women experiencing domestic violence

Imagine coming to Australia from another country with your husband and two young children, only to find yourself living in fear from domestic violence, with nowhere to turn, no income, unable to speak the language and seemingly no way out. This was the situation for Farida and her children before she found the safety and support of a CatholicCare women’s refuge, which she says has changed her life.

New emergency relief funding very much needed

More than 13% of Australians live below the poverty line, after housing costs. Of the three million people living in poverty in Australia, 731,000 are children.