Celebrating Australia Day 2022

Australia Day means different things to different people, but this year, Australians are being invited to take part in our national day through the lens of the theme: ‘Respect. Reflect. Celebrate’.

Olivia thrives in her foster care placement

Olivia was three years old when she came into our care. She was severely developmentally delayed, couldn’t walk and screamed all through the night.

COVID meant Abigail lost her job, but not her hope

When Abigail lost her job during the COVID pandemic and needed emergency surgery to treat a tumour, she found herself all of a sudden struggling to pay the bills, but CatholicCare’s financial counselling service helped get her back on track and in a stronger position going forward. “I was the Business Development Manager for a gym for many years,” says Abigail, aged in her 20’s. 

Maria & Alberto grapple with separation (how our Family Dispute Resolution team helped)

Marriage or relationship breakdown is never easy, especially when children are involved, but our Family Dispute Resolution program helps open up the lines of communication again and assists parties to move forward in the best possible way. Maria and Alberto came to Australia from Europe for Alberto’s work. They have two children and while in Australia they separated.