Why parenting skills are important

January 30, 2023

Parenting is challenging but help is available

Before we become parents, most of us expect to face some tough times. But  the overwhelm and the strange mix of love, worry, anger, frustration, fun and defeat that comes with raising children is not something anyone can prepare us for.

While all families have different needs and face varied challenges, CatholicCare’s Brigid Robertson who works as a Specialist Lead – Family Support unpacks some of the common parenting challenges that families face, and shares some tips.  

“One of the major challenges faced by parents is understanding the emotional needs of their children and how to deal with them,” says Brigid. From toddler tantrums to the rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows that come with adolescence, understanding the emotional needs behind these behaviours is a common and ongoing challenge for parents. Managing these behaviours can be stressful and frustrating, especially when it feels like nothing is working.  

Brigid notes that another common challenge faced by parents is “dealing with different approaches to parenting within a family” and these differences can be exacerbated during times of stress. There are many factors that shape someone’s parenting style, and an individual’s background and family of origin plays a significant role in this. 

For most families, times are more challenging when there is an external stressor that disrupts a child’s routine or when a family is experiencing grief or loss. Another common challenge is supporting a child who is living with mental health challenges, neurodiversity and/or disability 

What parenting skills are important?

If you are a parent, you are more than likely to have experienced one or more of these challenges. Brigid shares four helpful tips:  

  • Prioritise moments of connection – it doesn’t have to be large chunks of time. A moment of connection can be something as simple as physical touch or words of affirmation.
  • Take the time to understand your partner’s approach to parenting and discuss your triggers with each other. 
  • Work on developing a structure and routine with your children. 
  • Seek expert advice and don’t be ashamed to reach out to support services. 

What services do we offer at CatholicCare to support you and your family?

In our Family Support program, we have trained caseworkers in evidence-based parenting programs who can support and guide you through any difficulties you are facing with your children and young people.  We also can also help you access support for your own mental health, issues with domestic violence, housing and homelessness concerns and school refusal.   

 At CatholicCare we run parenting programs each term. For details click here.

For more information about how CatholicCare can support you and your family visit www.catholiccaredbb.org.au or call us today on 1800 324 924. 

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