Families to benefit as the NSW Government reveals the locations of 100 new preschools

February 20, 2024

Source: NSW Government: Education 19 February 2024  (different picture used from original article)

The NSW Government has unveiled the locations of 100 new public preschools.

Thousands of families across NSW will benefit from expanded access to early childhood education as the NSW Government unveils the locations for 100 new public preschools.

This is the biggest expansion of public preschools in NSW history.

Co-located at public primary school sites, the new public preschools will be built over the next three years in areas of greatest need across NSW.

After more than a decade of decline in education outcomes, the NSW Government will prioritise quality education in the early years, giving every child the best start for success.

The NSW Government is investing a record $769 million to deliver 100 new public preschools by 2027, including delivering preschools at new public primary schools.

This includes in western Sydney, south west Sydney and north west Sydney, as well as throughout regional NSW – the South Coast, Hunter, Illawarra, Mid North Coast, New England, southern NSW, Northern Rivers, Far West, Riverina, South West Slopes and Central West regions.

The public preschools will improve access for families across NSW, with sites selected by a NSW Department of Education panel, overseen by an independent chair and probity advisor, based on rigorous assessment criteria which considered educational need, child development and socioeconomic data, preschool demand, infrastructure feasibility and insights gained through consultation.

Co-locating public preschools with existing schools will ensure children are ready for kindergarten and will assist busy working families with cost-of-living pressures, help avoid the double drop off, and make the transition to school as seamless as possible.

The NSW Government’s election commitment to deliver 100 public preschools is in sharp contrast to the previous government’s unrealistic claim it would build 500 preschools– a last minute announcement made on the eve of an election, with zero consultation and no proper planning.

The announcement of the complete list of preschool locations comes after the locations of the 49 regional public preschools were announced on Saturday. Late last year, the NSW Government announced the initial 10 public preschool sites.

This is part of the NSW Government’s historic investment in early childhood education, which includes a $60 million commitment to build and upgrade 50 preschools on non-government school sites in areas of greatest educational need.

The NSW Government has also committed up to $29.4 million to expand the number of early childhood workers in NSW through a scholarship program, which has seen a record number of applications. The NSW Government has also provided $17 million to support capital works for early childhood services in areas of need.

Premier of NSW Chris Minns said:

“Children who receive high quality early childhood education can benefit throughout their life, and it is so important families are able to access good quality services wherever they live.

“This investment is an important step towards delivering expanded preschool access for all families across NSW.”

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Early Learning Prue Car said:

“I am delighted the NSW Labor Government will deliver 100 new public preschools over the next three years, a key election commitment made to the people of NSW.

“This investment in public preschools is the largest made by any government in NSW’s history.

“This significant investment reflects the NSW Labor Government’s commitment to high quality public education, and our belief that access to early childhood education before school should not be defined by your postcode.”

NSW Department of Education Secretary Murat Dizdar said:

“This major step towards delivering 100 public preschools has involved work and consultation with our educators, teachers and local communities.

“We are committed to working hard to deliver high quality education and closing equity gaps, so more families and children in NSW can access early childhood public education.”

Locations for 100 new public preschools can be found here.

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