Children learn about themselves and the world through art

February 22, 2024

“Art is something we really value here,” says Director of our Lake Munmorah Early Learning Centre, Stella.“It is such a big part of expressing your thoughts and ideas, and as a child it’s one of those go to mediums for communication when you don’t have the written word yet.” So, when the opportunity arose to partake in the Gosford Regional Gallery’s art competition, the children and educators immediately started brainstorming.

After exploring different techniques, mediums and other artists’ works, the children came up with a beautiful Under the Sea themed piece that was submitted as a collaborative entry.

Stella says that the students this year had demonstrated a particular aptitude for art and had been working hard to hone their skills. “We decided to go along on the ride with them,” she says, and it was an exciting and rewarding experience for all involved.

The highlight of the journey was a group excursion to the Gosford Regional Gallery to see their artwork on display. “The children were just mesmerised!” says Stella. “Of course, they were excited to see their own artwork on display, but it was also a wonderful learning opportunity seeing the unique and diverse range of works on display.”

They particularly enjoyed the 3D art that was made from fish shaped soy sauce bottles.

“It introduced the children to the idea that you can use real life things for art, and to not just see things as rubbish or junk.”

When the children viewed the projection art, they discovered that art is so much more than just paint and crayons. “They realised that there is art all around us,” Stella says. “They are now noticing art in our environment and in the community. They have learnt that you just need to stop and look.”

Every year, Lake Munmorah Early Learning Centre holds an annual art exhibition, and their excursion to Gosford Regional Gallery has inspired the themes for this year’s exhibition Land Art, Colour and Monet.

Art is something the team will keep promoting and encouraging as new children enter the service. “Art is the one way that we can express ourselves and not be judged,” Stella says. “It’s not right or wrong. It’s who we are and what we represent, and it belongs to each of us individually.”

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