Domestic & Family Violence

CatholicCare provides a range of services to assist women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. We assist all women, including those from diverse cultural backgrounds, older women, women in same sex relationships, Aboriginal women and women who are isolated. CatholicCare also provides responses to fathers who have caused harm to their family through violence or the use of coercive controlling behaviours.

Domestic and family violence, coercive control, abuse and violent behaviours are actions perpetrated to humiliate, isolate, suppress, overpower and harm others. The choice of behaviours used by the perpetrator can change slowly, subtly, rapidly and significantly.
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Our Domestic & Family Violence Support Services

Are you, or someone you know, affected by domestic or family violence? If yes, we can help. We are there by your side right from the beginning, advising and tapping into our range of our services as needed. We ensure you’re not alone and show you that there’s hope of a better life. 

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