Aulia escapes her domestic violence nightmare

February 24, 2022

When Aulia’s dream move from Indonesia to Australia with her new partner turned into a domestic violence nightmare, it led to a period of homelessness and relying on the generosity of friends to have somewhere safe to stay each night. 

After leaving her first partner and having to fight for residency when he cancelled her visa, Aulia met another man who also subjected her to domestic violence. It took her a while to finally escape his influence and it was then that she turned to CatholicCare’s domestic violence services. 

“When I ran from my first partner after he nearly killed me, I lived with friends and workmates for a while, cleaning and cooking so I could stay with them for free,” she says. “While I was staying there, I met a new partner and I went to live with him, but it ended up in domestic violence too.” 

Once again, she escaped to a friend’s house, but her ex-partner’s constant intrusions made that situation difficult, so Aulia turned to local support services to help get a roof over her head. She first approached the Northern Settlement Services, who referred her to CatholicCare for support services. 

CatholicCare’s Safe Homes Caseworker, Naomie, says that with no family support in Australia and nowhere safe to live, Aulia was in need of urgent support.  

Naomie found Aulia a safe place to go under the Supported Temporary Accommodation program and connected her with Jo, a Supported Temporary Accommodation Worker, who was able to find her a more permanent public housing property. 

“There was one false start, where a property they were shown just wasn’t safe or suitable, but after that, a lovely little apartment in a security building became available and it was perfect,” says Naomie. 

Aulia is such a wonderful lady, who’s been through a lot, and we’re so happy that she’s now safe and happy in her new accommodation.

Jo says that with the assistance of CatholicCare’s domestic violence and emergency relief supports, Aulia received a new fridge, washing machine and vouchers to purchase essential household items. 

St Vincent de Paul assisted with a new bed, mattress and linen and Transitional Angels dropped off a lounge for her,” she says. 

Aulia, who is also living with a serious cancer diagnosis, says she is deeply thankful to CatholicCare, and her caseworkers Naomie and Jo, for finding her a safe and comfortable home in her time of need. 

“It’s brand new and it’s so wonderful,” she says. “They helped me to furnish it, because I had nothing. And they are such lovely people. Jo was crying when she left here on the day I moved in, because I was so happy. 

“Now I feel, here I am – this is my home. My neighbours are lovely, especially with my medical condition, and I like cooking things to thank them for their help. I’ve made friends and I’m so grateful for everything.”

For more information about CatholicCare’s domestic and family violence supports please call 1800 324 924, email or visit Out of hours crisis support numbers can be found here.


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