SIL Wyoming

This brand new property (due for completion in May 2024) offers 4 two bedroom apartments spread across two dwellings. Each unit features two bedrooms which share a spacious communal kitchen and dining area, living and media spaces, luxury bathrooms, shared laundry and a lovely alfresco area.

This home has been purposely designed with residents in mind, offering functionality, accessibility and durability, catering for comfort and the highest support needs.

We are located within minutes of Wyoming Shopping Village and the Gosford CBD, public transport, Central Coast Stadium & Gosford Hospital.

This is a high physical support property including specialised design and physical access such as ceiling hoists, assistive and communication technologies, and emergency power solutions.


4 two bedroom apartments

  • bed
  • bath
  • car
Wyoming SIL CTA

Our experienced staff provide residents with 24/7 support

This property will be completed by April. Register your interest now!


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