Staff Testimonials

I joined the CatholicCare team almost 20 years ago! I currently work at Boonah – a program for artists living with disability. What I love the most is being part of the client’s journey in their creative process. My role as Activity Leader – with a wonderful group of staff with so many talents, wisdom and experience in the industry is a joy! Running Boonah has its challenges with many clients with differing support needs. Watching the clients overcome motor skill obstacles, being resilient and together solving ways to develop tools for art making is very rewarding. Everyone can do art!

 Karlene, Activity Leader, Boonah Creative Arts

I have been a social worker for 16 years – I’d say I am a bit of an addict! We are funded to provide crisis accommodation and link people to key services. We provide a case management model of support. It’s very short-term, it’s intense, the work is very punchy and has to happen very quickly. We provide practical and emotional support. It’s stressful being homeless! We are dealing with people who come from a long history of things not going particularly well. It’s important that clients feel safe and supported.

Sean, Practice Manager, Housing & Homelessness

I'm proud to be a part of a person’s journey that everyone put in the “too hard basket” ...

I’m in charge of Orana – a residential home for children under 12 who cannot live with their families. My role ensures the house runs smoothly and the kids get the care and support they need to achieve their  goals. The boys have come from different backgrounds and whilst it’s intense – it’s a privilege to help these kids. I found it very confronting when I first started but CatholicCare has a lot of great supports in place. I helped facilitate a young person to transition back into care with his grandparent, and that feeling of joy will stay with me forever.

Shannon, Therapeutic House Supervisor

I started as a Disability Support Worker and recently moved my focus to create a specialised service for a cohort of our clients. They run a café and cook lunches, learn hygiene and money handling skills. They go bike and horse riding, learn to catch public transport and enjoy sports days. It’s impossible not to develop friendships with the clients and their families. I have great respect for the people they are. I love watching them progress, learn and transform.

Rebecca, Activity Partner, Disability Futures

Financial counsellors help people to understand which debts are priorities, develop budgets and money plans, understand the pros and cons of different options to manage financial issues, negotiate with creditors and more. We’re also trained in negotiation and counselling, as well as offering emotional support when people really need it. Our clients come from a range of backgrounds, with the majority in crisis. The role gives me the opportunity to empower our clients and guide them to regain control of their situation. It really is a rewarding career.

Allesandra, Financial Counsellor

Our team is incredibly dedicated. I want nothing more than to see these kids develop positive memories and have rewarding lives.

We provide before and after school care as well as fun activities during the school holidays. I love watching the children experience new things and learning. I love planning the vacation care program and try to give the children the best experiences, whilst also assuring the families feel safe and secure leaving their children with us. ​​​​​​​COVID-19 taught me how amazing and resilient children are. They adapted to so many changes including isolation due to home schooling.

Kate, Coordinator, St John the Baptist OSHC Woy Woy