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Our entire business is centred around people – and that includes our employees and volunteers

When you join the CatholicCare team, you’re become part of a diverse, purpose-led team of people who really make a difference to the world around them. You’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself and to be innovative and you’ll definitely learn and grow.

To help you thrive, you’ll have access to a range of benefits to support you. We cannot do this work without great people. We value great workers and we have an excellent, stable Senior Leadership Team who genuinely believe in the importance of this work and who arm their teams with the resources they need to get work done.

For more information:
P: 1800 324 924
E: info@catholiccaredbb.org.au


Work/life balance

CatholicCare understands that our people have a life beyond work. We try to provide varied and flexible work options across our diverse suite of programs, that support you to balance your work and personal commitments. We will work with you to understand your needs.

Maximise your take home earnings

As a not-for-profit organisation, we can offer employees an opportunity to salary package some of their earnings, which means you can pay less tax and your take home pay is higher. You can salary package:

  • Up to $15,900 from your salary for everyday purchases including rent, mortgage, groceries etc.
  • Up to $2,650 from your salary for entertainment purchases including meals, entertainment and holiday accommodation benefits, and
  • Novated leases.

Our recruitment team can provide you with further information during the recruitment process and our salary packaging provider can provide you with a personalised estimate of your take home earnings.

Learning and development opportunities

We are a learning organisation and drive a culture of openness and collaboration. We wholeheartedly support the development of our teams and give them every opportunity to perform and grow. We offer a range of learning and development opportunities. In addition to our comprehensive online induction program.

Wellbeing and safety support

CatholicCare recognises that some of our work, while fulfilling, is challenging and intense given the trauma experienced by so many of our vulnerable clients. To support our staff, wellbeing strategies are designed to suit the needs of staff across each individual program. Education, risk monitoring and individual self-care planning are promoted as active ways to manage and enhance our team’s wellbeing.

Employees and their families have access to our Employee Assistance Program (via an external provider) for short term counselling services if additional support for work or personal issues is needed. We also assist individual employees and teams with critical incidents as required and our Work Health Safety management system provides the safest possible workplace for you.

Rewards and recognition

Our annual “Hope Awards” and all staff dinner foster a culture of continuous recognition of our colleagues. We also recognise our staff commitment to working for CatholicCare with service recognition certificates and gifts.

Leave loading

CatholicCare pay annual leave loading of 17.5%.



Baby bonus

After 12 months service permanent staff deemed as primary carers are eligible for a paid baby bonus of $2,000 ($1,000 when parental leave commences and $1,000 on your return to CatholicCare). This bonus is CatholicCare’s contribution towards the costs associated with welcoming your child into the family.

Employee referral program

Our workers are encouraged to refer family, friends, and ex-colleagues to join our team. If their employment is successful, you may be entitled eGift cards valued up to $250 (conditions apply).

Study leave

For permanent staff we offer 5 days study leave, (pro rata for part time employees) for relevant courses.

Participation in the direction of CatholicCare

Through our regular staff surveys, consultative forums and participative strategic planning processes, our staff and volunteers constantly help to shape the future direction and priorities of CatholicCare.

Flu vaccination program

We work hard to ensure our clients and employees remain healthy and provide an employer funded flu vaccination program annually should you wish to participate.

Equal access to employment opportunities

We value diversity and equity as contributing to innovation and quality of care. CatholicCare employs and promotes people based on merit, free from discrimination based on sex, marital status, pregnancy, family responsibility, sexual preference, race, cultural background, disability, political or religious belief and age.



We are always looking for people who want to make a difference.

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