It’s Social Inclusion Week – what’s that all about?

November 18, 2021

Social Inclusion Week takes place from 20 – 28 November 2021. If you’re not familiar with this event, what do you need to know, and how can you get involved?

History of Social Inclusion Week

Social Inclusion Week was founded by Dr Jonathon Welch AM in 2009 and takes place annually during the last week of November. It is managed by Play It Forward and is designed to help communities share their experience and knowledge while raising awareness for the cause.

During Social Inclusion Week, communities are encouraged to reconnect and to celebrate everyone who lives there, regardless of ability, nationality, age group or culture. The theme for 2021 is to “connect, collaborate and celebrate,” and individuals throughout the community, no matter their age, are encouraged to host or to go to an event that is focused on social inclusion.

How CatholicCare can help

CatholicCare provides services for a broad spectrum of people who might otherwise find themselves isolated from the community. We recognise that there are a lot of reasons why people may feel isolated and have designed a range of programs to help. We always ensure that we have a person-centric approach and focus on whatever is critical to the individual in question. This type of approach recognises the importance of community involvement and the fact that inclusive communities should be front and centre in everyday life.

CatholicCare tries to facilitate service provision in an inclusive way. We’re always thinking about how we can deliver services within the community or provide services in an alternative setting if need be. In our Disability Futures and Seniors programs we helping them build the skills necessary to be part of a community.

Following COVID-19, we’re seeing an increased desire for people to participate in group settings – a deep interest in connections.

All of the services at CatholicCare are dedicated to inclusion, and this is a theme that runs throughout everything we do. We have our Boonah art studio, which is a great natural facilitator for social inclusion, as just one example. Everyone can access the art studio, and it’s easily found within West Pymble’s shopping village.

We mark Social Inclusion Week this year with some client cameos – sharing some insights into the activities and furry friends they enjoy at CatholicCare.

When it comes to disability and seniors supports, we put you in the driver’s seat. We focus on your ability and help you choose the right programs, activities, and support networks to suit your current lifestyle and future goals. Rest assured that we will be with you to help navigate any challenges you may face.

Natasha shares her experience as an Activity Leader at CatholicCare in our Disability Futures program for Social Inclusion Week.



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