Safe Homes

December 12, 2017

Domestic violence is on the rise across the Central Coast.

Safe Homes is a free service for all victims of domestic and family violence – males, females and children. It also assists men who wish to change their
behaviour and become better fathers.

Safe Homes runs groups, and provides education to help people who are violent toward their family in understanding the impact of their behaviour and how to make changes. We also help children recover from the trauma of violence.

We work with families and parents who have grown up with violence as children, and now live with violence in their homes as adults. We help children heal and learn positive ways to communicate and deal with conflict
so that domestic violence does not pass down through generations.

Safe Homes assists other services and the community by providing domestic and family violence training and information sessions. 

Safe Homes provides trauma informed, client focused case work for clients. Support includes:

  • Intake, triage and assessment
  • Safety audits and plans
  • Advocacy and referral
  • Court support
  • Educational and therapeutic groups
  • Male victim’s worker
  • Men’s behaviour change worker
  • Child trauma therapist
  • Indigenous worker
  • Community education
  • Collaboration and partnership with other services
  • Safety action meeting attendance with interagencies as needed.

Safe Homes runs education and therapeutic groups including:

  • Regaining Self (for women who have experienced domestic violence)
  • In Safe Hands (explores the impact of domestic and family violence on children and how to help children recover)
  • Shark Cage (helps women identify violations, increase safety and learn strategies for positive change)
  • Inspire – Art Therapy Group (assists with healing and connectedness)
  • Seasons of Growth (a children’s grief and loss group)
  • Caring Dads (a men’s behaviour change group).

Other parenting groups can be found here.

Safe Homes is funded by Family & Community Services. Please share!

For more information contact:

Central Coast Family Centre
P: (02) 4356 2600

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