The connection between New Year’s resolutions and World Religion Day

December 21, 2020

As we draw closer to the start of the New Year, people are contemplating how to start 2021 off with their best foot forward. The New Year offers a time when we can put the problems, mistakes, and regrets of the past year behind us and begin afresh. January is also the time when we recognise and celebrate World Religion Day. This coming year, World Religion Day is commemorated on Sunday 17 January 2021.

It’s fitting that World Religion Day is always recognised at the start of each year. It comes like a beacon of light, shining with new hope for a better year ahead. Religion offers new beginnings for individuals and communities. No matter where you are or what your background is, you can find solace and comfort in the practice of religion. It’s particularly special as we close out the old year and bring in the new one as it reminds us of how faith can help us put the old behind us and strive for a new, better life in the future.

In fact, people practise this every year when they make their New Year’s resolutions. We may laugh about making them or worry that we won’t keep them, but the very act of doing it is similar to how religion puts off the old ways and puts on a new way.

How can you proceed forward with your new year and the accompanying resolutions? The grim facts state that less than 25 % of people who make a resolution for New Year’s keep it. However, you can boost that statistic by making ones that will be fun and that you can stick with. It’s also important to find ways to keep your resolutions, so your new year will be filled with the hope and light that you envision. Here are four ways to make sure you keep on the right pathway this upcoming year.

Get Support

One way to be sure that you stay on track with your goals this coming year is to be a part of counselling or support groups. Group and individual therapy are excellent ways to stay motivated and build self-esteem when you need it most. Negativity is all around us (especially right now with he pandemic still hovering), but you can combat it and overcome it with a helping hand. During counselling, you can relieve yourself of hurts and worries so it doesn’t build up. 

Keep the Human Connection

It’s often easy to hibernate or isolate, especially with all that the world has gone through with COVID-19. But there are ways to make new friends and join playgroups safely. This will lift your spirits and give you the strength to maintain your other goals in life. Without human contact, you may wither away and become depressed or resentful. Human connections are especially important for older people who may be particularly lonely. If they don’t have a companion, they need extra support.

Reward Yourself

Take time to reward yourself along the way for meeting your goals. If you made a resolution to eat healthier or spend more time with an elderly loved one or whatever it may be, if you achieve that goal, then reward yourself! Bask in your accomplishment! As you feel the success of achieving your goal, it will help you move towards your next goal. You deserve to feel happy and proud of yourself for doing what you set out to do.

Take Time for Prayer

Prayer can make all the difference in a day. You will feel new help and power as you relieve your mind through prayer. As you gain strength for each new day, you are pressing closer to making this the best year ever. You will be amazed at what you’ve achieved.

CatholicCare is the social care agency of the Catholic church in the Diocese of Broken Bay. We have a myriad of supports to keep people on track to meet their goals – whatever they may be. From parenting education classes, to counselling to playgroups and visiting the elderly – we have something for everyone. For more information visit


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