Meet Visha from Cherrybrook

My name is Visha. You’ll find my Family Day Care centre in Cherrybrook.

I have two daughters.  I enjoy working with young children. I pride myself on creating warm and nurturing relationships with children while offering a safe and fun learning environment.

I have almost four years of experience working with children from 0 to 12 years of age. I hold a Certificate III in Children’s Services which I gained in 2014.

Family day care offers a wonderful first step into the big wide world for children. It gives me great pleasure to provide a relaxed and nurturing home-away-from-home for children in my care.

Every child is different, so it allows me to develop educational programs based on individual interests and needs, incorporating as much outdoor, nature-based play in my large backyard.

My philosophy is to offer an environment where each child feels respected and valued. I believe each child should feel a sense of belonging and a desire to naturally explore their environment while supporting their individual needs, interests and abilities.


Family Day Care Coordination Unit
P: (02) 9488 2412 or (02) 9488 2572

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