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Our Mission

We support and enrich the lives of individuals and families. We live out the Gospel by walking alongside people to find and build solutions to their needs. We deliver evidence-based services, and do so with commitment, regardless of the difficulties faced. To this mission we bring a long history of service and faith, the resources of dedicated staff, volunteers and partners, a willingness to go beyond essential care, and persistence in supporting justice and wellbeing for all.

Our Vision

We strive for a world where people are safe, well and connected with each other in inclusive communities.

I acknowledge that the ordinary, everyday activities of our staff are, in fact, extraordinary and sacred. I give thanks for the opportunity to carry out Christ's mission to serve the most vulnerable people in our Diocese.

Most Rev Anthony Randazzo, Bishop of Broken Bay

Our Values


Our work at CatholicCare is inspired by the mission and values of the Catholic Church. We serve those in need with compassion, respect and dignity.


We are conscious of the challenges our client’s face, and we are dedicated to delivering solutions in an empathetic, inclusive and responsive manner.


We are inspired by the courage demonstrated by our clients. We stand up for what is right and are willing to face difficult and uncomfortable situations in order to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.


We strive for excellence in all we do. We act ethically and with integrity, we exceed expectations and act on evidence of what works. We provide high quality services that meet the evolving needs of our community.


We respect the dignity and worth of all people and embrace difference. Our door is open to all regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religious beliefs.


We strive for equity and opportunity for all. We give a voice to those in need and hold the poor and vulnerable in our hearts. We are committed to empowering marginalised groups to achieve their full potential.

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There is always such interest un seeing our mission in action. We hope you enjoy this series of heartfelt stories demonstrating the important work we do.

Many of these stories are reflections from people who have been supported by CatholicCare. Enjoy!


Healthier, happier & together under one roof

Despite having all the right intentions, he found it overwhelming and almost impossible to meet the needs of his children, particularly those with significant physical and intellectual disabilities. 

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Amy says no to abuse

“I planned my escape to take place at 7.00am on 24 September 2022,” says Amy who had been a victim of domestic violence for three years. “I planned for it to happen at a time when Chris was a 45 minute drive away.

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Empowering young people to speak up when something isn’t right

Slowly but surely, domestic violence is becoming less of a taboo topic. Here we explore the importance of teaching young people how to be active bystanders and speaking up when something isn’t right.

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Being the face of God in the unknown

The comfort CatholicCare's Pastoral Care team brought during the final months and weeks of my husband's life was beautiful. The Catholic Chaplaincy team became our spiritual family.

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