Youth work

There are many young people in our community who are unable to live with their families through no fault of their own. Our Permanency Support Program supports young people who have experienced trauma and neglect. Our incredible youth workers work within our residential homes creating a safe and nurturing environment where young people can feel at home while learning important personal and life skills.

A youth worker has an ability to build rapport with the young people and colleagues, empathy and respect for others, and great problem solving skills to assist in manage challenging situations. It’s important they have an understanding of the importance of professional boundaries and above all a commitment to safeguarding young people and creating a safe work environment for all. Does this sound like you?

Candidates must have completed a Certificate III or Certificate IV in Community Services and be willing to enrol and complete a Diploma of Community Services or relevant qualifications of Diploma level or above. Our youth workers operate on a 24/7 roster which include morning, afternoon and night shifts.

You do not need to be Catholic, or of any faith to work for us. But you do need to abide by our mission, vision and values of respect, courage, excellence, compassion and social justice.

We encourage you to take a moment to read our current job vacancies here. You can also call our recruitment team on 1800 324 924 or email We can talk you through what it’s like working for CatholicCare, being a youth worker, any training required and how we can support you in your career. We would love to hear from you!

Meet Sean

Sean started off as a Youth Worker with CatholicCare many years ago. He is now the General Manager of our Permanency Support Program. Here he talks about the important role Youth Workers play in supporting young people in our care.

Meet Haylee

Haylee one of our House Supervisors shares what she loves about working with young people and explains you do not need to be Catholic, or religious at all to work for CatholicCare.

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy is a Youth Worker and here he shares what draws him to youth work, the importance of building genuine connections and what he enjoys most about his role and the young people he works with.

Meet George

As a Youth Worker George loves being a support foundation for those in need and shares why he chose CatholicCare as his employer.

Meet Shannon

Shannon shares what young people in care may have experienced in life and how she works with kids who have experienced trauma.


Blake’s youth work story

Every few months, CatholicCare hosts a Youth Worker information night to attract prospective employees for the Permanency Support Program. Attendees come and go, with some deciding to apply for a Youth Worker position and others going on their merry way in search of the right career.

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Alice dreams of becoming a doctor

Moving 1½ hours away when you’re 16 years old is hard at the best of times. But for Alice and her sisters who live with CatholicCare foster carers, Julie and John, their move coincided with the beginning of a lengthy lockdown.

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In the news – the urgent need for foster carers

Up to 30 kids need emergency accommodation each night on the Northern Beaches, but many are forced to sleep in motel rooms due to a desperate shortage of foster carers. As many as 30 children — some aged just five — need emergency accommodation each night on the Northern Beaches.

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Adam’s embracing care & taking steps to a brighter future

A difficult start in life and added trauma along the way led young Adam to develop some challenging behaviours, disengage with school and use anger as a barrier against the world. But the supports he has received while living in one of our Intensive Therapeutic Care homes has seen a number of small breakthroughs which are helping him to identify his emotions, modify his behaviour and re-engage with education. 

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