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Across the Diocese of Broken Bay, we service the Northern Beaches, Northern Sydney and the Central Coast – covering an area of almost 2,800 square kilometres. This geographic area crosses three Aboriginal Nations – Darkinjung, Gurringai and Darug.

Our vision is that across our land, communities and nation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are treated with equity, dignity and respect and that they enjoy the same access and opportunities as non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

CatholicCare believes in the importance of working alongside Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people who attend the programs and access the services we offer. We are committed to reconciliation. We acknowledge the unjust past policies of the Government and the Church and the sorrow and suffering experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a result. We support the apology made by the Catholic Church for their part in the ongoing pain, suffering and trauma inflicted on the Stolen generations.


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land across our Diocese. We recognise the Aboriginal people as holding the memories, the traditions and the culture of the lands we live and work upon. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge the Aboriginal children and youth who are the future leaders of our communities and our hope for a brighter, stronger future. We value the deep spiritual connection and the relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to this Country.


We currently have a Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (or RAP) which is endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. This focuses on key actions in the areas of relationships, respect and opportunities specific to our business and our area of influence. You can download it here. CatholicCare acknowledges it is the beginning of a journey. As an organisation we recognise that this is one of many steps in our commitment to turn good intentions into real actions and contribute to the challenge of reconciling Australia.


The purpose of our First Nations Employment Strategy is to assist in increasing the representation and inclusion of First Nations peoples within the organisation with specific focuses on recruitment, retention, and ensuring an inclusive workplace with meaningful development opportunities. You can download it here.


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