Mary Mac’s Place is open to anyone who is homeless, lonely or needing a helping hand.

Homelessness and social isolation is a community responsibility.
Mary Mac’s located in Woy Woy costs over $150,000 per year to run. We provide more than 24,000 meals a year at a cost of $6 per meal. We are raising funds to cover the costs of these meals and keep this essential service running.

Mary Mac’s relies 100% on community support – your donation will help us to continue to provide this service to our community. Please Shout a Mate a Plate today!
Every cent of the $6 will go directly to providing meals and all donations are tax deductible.

Kevin once came to us for meals - he's now one of our incredible volunteers

Kevin talks about his personal experience – how Mary Mac’s helped him when he needed it most and why he wants to give back.

Homelessness is a community responsibility

Kim, our Central Coast Family Centre Manager encourages us to support this important fundraiser.

What is Mary Mac's and how do we help people?

Sally manages Mary Mac’s on a daily basis. Here she explains this essential service.


You’d be surprised how many people are only a payslip away from financial difficulty. It’s nice to know there is somewhere like Mary Mac’s to go.

Everyone is welcome.

Mary Mac's Place

This service is located at the
Ethel Cox Centre in Woy Woy at 100 Blackwall Road.

You can call us on (02) 4341 0584 or email us.


These faces include homeless people, couch surfers, train sleepers, rough sleepers, and people sleeping in cars or residing with family or friends in overcrowded situations.

We’re seeing more women and children who are escaping domestic violence and sleeping in their cars because it’s not safe at home.

We have families where the main income earner has fallen ill needing surgery or treatment and cannot afford rent and food.

We see pensioners that have lost a partner and now cannot afford rent, food or bills on a single pension and people who simply cannot afford the rising cost of rent.

People also come to simply have a chat and for friendship because they are otherwise lonely or isolated.