Residential care

Residential care services are provided for children and young people aged between 12 and 18 years, many of whom are the most vulnerable, having experienced extreme trauma and an absence of care and love. NSW Department of Communities and Justice provided funding to CatholicCare, under the Permanency Support Program, to establish residential homes and care teams across the Diocese. We have a number of homes across Northern Sydney and the Central Coast which are carefully chosen and established to be proximate to schools and other amenities the young people will need as they journey towards independence.

Recognising the experience of these children and young people, CatholicCare provides a team of experts to support each individual young person – Youth Workers, Case Workers and Therapeutic Specialists.

The program for each child is tailored to meet their therapeutic needs and developmental stage, recognising that the trauma they have experienced can affect their cognitive, emotional and social functioning. Assessments are carried out with therapeutic specialists, and individualised therapeutic interventions are co-ordinated by the child’s key worker, drawing on the multi-disciplinary skills within CatholicCare, other agencies, community and cultural groups.

The young person’s progress is monitored and supported through CatholicCare’s guided practice case management systems. The therapeutic care team reviews and adjusts activities on a regular basis to flexibly meet the needs of each young person. A particular area of focus is supporting the young person to develop the skills, knowledge and networks they need to move to independence when they leave care.

We manage nine Intensive Therapeutic Care properties within our Diocese – two in Sydney and seven on the Central Coast.

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