Are you a separated parent struggling to make agreements or manage conflict?

March 22, 2020

The Mediation Team at CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay may be able to support you to achieve an outcome that is quick, economical and provides peace of mind to all parties. With Family Centres conveniently located at Waitara, Tuggerah, Brookvale and Naremburn, our professionals bring local knowledge of additional support services within a comfortable and confidential environment.

Anita* contacted CatholicCare because she and her husband Jack* had recently separated and were not communicating well. Both parties were hurt and angry. Making arrangements for their three young children was becoming impossible. Anita and Jack were fighting about everything and the kids were becoming distressed. Their youngest child had started wetting the bed at night, and the older child was refusing to go to school. Both parents realised that they needed help and Anita called the Mediation Team to ask about our service.

A female mediator spoke with Anita on the phone and made a time to meet with her for a confidential discussion about her situation. Jack was then invited for an individual meeting as well and shared what was happening from his perspective. The mediator then arranged a joint mediation with both Anita and Jack and a second mediator who was male. The two mediators worked together to help Jack and Anita list the issues that were causing them stress and to explore the options that were available to them in resolving them. The needs of their three children were at the core of the discussion, and agreements were reached by the parents with a plan for a new way of doing things to reduce the conflict.

When a relationship ends, and there are children involved, life doesn’t stop. Decisions need to be made at a time when emotions are often running high, and people feel least able to think clearly. A mediator can help people to discuss and come up with resolutions for these issues giving the family a new way forward.

If you are experiencing conflict, our team may be able to help. We are qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and we work in the best interests of children. We have appointments available now, and are able to work with you by phone or video calls during the COVID-19 situation.

* Not their real names


Mediation Team
P: (02) 9488 2400


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