Thank you Seven Consulting for our fabulous refuge renovation

May 28, 2018

Our DVRE/SHS team had an epic weekend swapping their casework hats for a ‘Block Style” renovation at Erin’s Place the weekend before last.

To all those who participated – a huge thank you to you! There wasn’t a room untouched over the weekend.  There are still a few final items to tick off and there were more than a few sore muscles the week following but what a result! On the Saturday we had over 50 people helping at one time ranging in age from 4 to 60 years.

A special mention goes to Seven Consulting who helped fund this amazing renovation. Seven Consulting are a team of delivery professionals providing project and program management consultancy services.  They believe in giving back to the community and have completed a large number of renovations/builds for deserving organisations that do not have the sufficient funds to support their clients as they would like to.

Together we managed to achieve the following:

  • Reworked two mould invested rooms into one, fixing the leaking, adding carpeting and making a shared therapeutic/younger children’s space
  • Added additional breakfast bar and seating
  • Added a double sink unit in the kitchen
  • Made an additional bedroom for up to 5 with new beds and wardrobes
  • Recarpeted and refurnished the second living space including a wall mounted TV
  • Reworked a large storage cupboard into a support room
  • Retiled and painted the outdoor dining area
  • Knocked out an unsafe large brick BBQ area and re-turfed
  • Moved the entry to the children’s play area and provided extra soft fall
  • Built a new outdoor deck from scratch 
  • Provided new furniture and storage items
  • Completely refitted the office space making it easier for us to accommodate more staff to provide support
  • Donated all new bedding, shopping, towels and comfort packs for the families
  • Painted some of the communal areas.

We removed over 20m3 of garden and household waste. Brought in 4m3 of mulch, 2.5 tonnes of gravel, laid 65m2 of soft fall, painted, plastered, built furniture, replaced 48m2 of carpet, increased the occupancy availability by 25% and cleaned until we ran out of time!

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