Playgroups – a fun social environment, for children and parents

December 3, 2018

Playgroup provides children with a supportive environment to play freely and discover. As they are at such a young and inquisitive age, providing them with an environment where they can meet other children and develop their social skills is so important. Through play, they are also able to develop their motor skills in a fun and creative manner.

Playgroups are a social environment, not just for children, but parents as well. They help parents meet others with similar aged children. It’s an opportunity for parents to discuss their experiences, children’s development and socialise. Playgroups can  help parents develop a support network with each other, that often lasts for years.

CatholicCare offers Supported Playgroups, where parents are able to discuss their child’s development with a qualified worker. This can provide reassurance and answers to the never-ending list of parenting questions.

We also run a Young Parents Drop In Playgroup, for parents under 25 years. It doesn’t require parents to register in advance, they are more than welcome just to turn up. The playgroup allows parents to meet other young parents and build new friendships.

For more information see the playgroup page here.


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