It’s time … the kids are heading back to school!

January 28, 2021

The first school term of 2020 is set to begin in Australia on January 29. With the upcoming school schedule looming, parents and kids have a lot on their minds. While this can be a stressful period for many families, it can also represent an exciting time. There are a lot of things to look forward to if the proper steps are taken and preparations are made. To be able to overcome some of the challenges kids and their families face, it’s essential to know why they may struggle when school starts.

Challenges of a new school year
Everyone is different, but most people struggle when it comes to a change in routine. Having been out of school for a while, your child has gotten used to not going. That means that going back to school represents a whole new routine. Even though they may do it every year, it still takes some getting used to each time.

Some children become anxious when there is a change in their daily lives. This makes the process more challenging. However, you can help your child get ready for this change. Talk about it often, explaining how the new routine will work so they are not taken by surprise. Also, you can take small steps to help them prepare by possibly getting up and going to bed earlier. You could also start them with reading every day at a certain time to prepare their minds for the academic work they will soon be doing.

Positive aspects of a new school year
There are a lot of positive aspects of beginning a new school year, and these must be emphasised to your child. There is the excitement of seeing all the friends your child hasn’t seen in a while. The social part of attending school is something that gets kids excited.

There are also many new teachers and new subjects that your children can look forward to. Children who enjoy academic pursuits will be interested to see what their classes are like.

Finally, the many extra-curricular activities and sports that are a part of the school program are also something children can look forward to.

Starting the school year off right
Get ready for the school year by starting things off on the right foot. Put your kids’ needs first. This is especially important during this time. You’ll need to be sensitive to their needs and moods right now even if they are not acting like themselves. You can assist them in making the move from the break to school smoothly.

Your attitude can help create an atmosphere of excitement versus anxiety. By being proactive, you will give your kids the much-needed help they need to transition back to their academic studies and the school environment.

It’s really important that you communicate with your child. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and it can help identify any problems your child might be having.

We’re here to help you along the way. We offer a range of services for children who may be experiencing anxiety about starting or returning to school. Please reach out at any time:

P: (02) 9481 2600


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