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November 20, 2019

School holidays come and go each year. As a parent, you know how challenging it can be to keep your child engaged and happy.

Holidays are all about relaxation, rest and family time. However, learning shouldn’t stop just because your child is out of the classroom! This is where our vacation care programs can help.

If you’re considering vacation care for your child during the upcoming school holidays, there are several benefits of this type of care including:

  • Retaining comprehension skills – did you know that your child can lose up to a whole month worth of learning and comprehension skills during the long summer break? Enrolling them in vacation care gives them a stimulating environment that encourages learning all year round. 
  • Boosts confidence levels – vacation care gives your child a chance to explore a new environment with new people and to work on building their personal skills and confidence levels. They also give your child a chance to explore topics that interest them.
  • Educates your whole child – unlike traditional learning environments, vacation care gives plenty of opportunities for your child to learn through social activities. They’ll learn problem-solving skills that they can carry over to other areas of their lives, and it challenges your kid to grow and learn every day.
  • Promotes independence – when children come to vacation care, they get a chance to be more independent. They’ll be able to work with the educators  and their peers to develop independent thinking skills. In turn, this can help grow their self-esteem levels and make them happier and more confident.


We currently have nine different locations for our vacation care program across the Central Coast and Northern Metropolitan Sydney. We accept children ranging from the age of 5 up to the age to 12 years old, and children from every school are welcome to attend.

Your child will come to school grounds to attend, and they’ll learn and grow in a safe and purpose-built environment. We take great pride in offering a broad range of activities that cater to children with different interests and needs in different age groups. Our goal is to harness your child’s strengths and interests and combine them with their need for leisure at all of our vacation care centres. 

Additionally, we staff each of our vacation care centres with educators who come from a wide range of backgrounds. They all bring unique skill sets, passions and expertise to the vacation care program to create a fun and engaging environment.

Do you have questions about our vacation care program?  Please reach out and get in touch with us today. Enrolments now open for Dec 2019/Jan 2020. Our webpage is here

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