Seven Boonah artists exhibit at prestigious Kings School exhibition next weekend!

September 5, 2019

It’s that time of year again where some of our Boonah artists get the opportunity to showcase their artwork at the prestigious Kings School annual Art Show & Fair on Saturday & Sunday 14 – 15 September.  Click here for more information.

This is the 4th year our artists have been invited to exhibit in this community-based, inclusive event and we are thankful to the Kings School for recognising the importance of inclusion for people living with a disability.

This year our exhibiting artists are:

  • Ann Giddings
  • Dionne Badenhop
  • Fred Broso
  • Laura Smit
  • Fay Gymer
  • Michael Buzinskas
  • Briana Azzopardi


The opening night is a gala event and tickets are for sale. The Art Show & Fair on Saturday and Sunday is free. There may small parking fee. There will be a children’s fun fair, food stalls, flea market, music, vintage car show on the Sunday, live performances and much, much more.

Christmas Maze by Ann Giddings

One of our artists, Ann Giddings says “I have been going to art classes for people with a disability for over 10 years. We are lucky to have dedicated and supportive teachers. My art is very important to express myself and my individuality. I am very grateful for the generosity of the organisers of the prestigious King’s School Art Show to again invite students from Boonah to exhibit to a wider audience.”

“I like to exhibit my art because it is nice and I want many people to see it”, adds Laura Smit.

Strelitzia Psychedellicata by Laura Smit
Sunnyside Pool by Michael Buzinkas

Michael Buzinkas is exhibiting two pieces this year. He says “Being able to exhibit my art at King’s School with two paintings entered compared to one last year, gives me a chance to share my work with the broader community. Painting simply means me getting to be creative and taking a somewhat atomic level approach by putting various colours, shapes, patterns, lines and dots all in a random configuration. Boonah is great because everyone there is good to me and there is no pressure put on me to create my artworks”.



The King’s Annual Art Show welcomes novice collectors and first time buyers and encourages them to experience a wide range of works with advice and encouragement available from experienced experts. It has been curated to cater for those searching for works to adorn corporate foyers and boardrooms, to those seeking to put the finishing touches to the interior décor of their home, all the way through to those needing a unique gift for a special occasion.

You are welcome to linger as long as you like and allow yourself to become lost among the paintings, prints and sculptures available for your consideration.

We hope to see you there.


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