Meet Rebecca from our Disability Futures team

December 7, 2020

I have been with CatholicCare for 3 years. I started as a Disability Support Worker and this year moved my focus to create a specialised service for a cohort of our clients.

We focused on creating a great environment to improve engagement with others and to help focus on their goals. We use a lovely space at Clarke Road to build independent living skills.

I am very lucky to have a great team – they know our clients very well and work hard to provide fun and engaging activities. We have seen a lot of positive developments in our clients, both in their social interactions with each other and with their living skills development. They run a little café and cook lunches, learn hygiene and money handling skills. They go bike and horse riding, learn to catch public transport and enjoy sports days. There’s something for

The clients I support range from 18 to mid 40’s, with the majority of my clients in their 20’s. They are so funny and engaging with such wonderful personalities. Brent has developed a passion for “COVID cleaning”. He pops on his hi-vis vest, gloves and a helmet and cleans everything! He has us constantly entertained with his commentary.

It’s impossible not to develop friendships with the clients and their families. I have great respect for the people they are. I love watching them progress, learn and transform.