Working with Men

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We offer a range of men’s domestic and family violence services to meet the diverse and individual needs of men who have used coercive control and violence in their families. The following programs aim to increase family safety and engage men to choose safe and respectful ways of relating with themselves, and their families:


Tailored support in the form of goal setting and/or counselling, for men not in a group program or who require support to maintain safe choices and/or face barriers to engaging with services and supports.


An intensive 30 week group work program for men who are beginning to recognise their behaviours as controlling and violent and wish to choose safe and respectful ways of relating with their families and others.


Voluntary, individual and tailored support for family members affected by men’s use of violence and controlling behaviours, where their male family member is engaging or has engaged with Safer Families.

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Learn more about our Back on Track program

Men’s Behaviour Change programs are run by non-Government organisations like ours. They work closely with Government agencies such as  Police, Child Protection and Community Corrections. They aim to give men a different pathway – guiding them towards a safer path. Cathy & Travis explain the program in more detail here.

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