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‘Let all that you do be done in love’ Corinthians 16:14, this is what God asks of all of us. The success of a society, and of ourselves as individuals, can be measured by the compassion we have for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

A struggle that rarely makes news headlines is that of children and young people in our community who are suffering. Many have been through experiences few of us could begin to fathom and who, without our help, will go through childhood without the love and support of a family.

Psalm 145:9 reminds us that ‘The Lord is good to all: He has compassion on all that He has made’. So too should we have compassion for all God’s creation, especially children. Jesus reminds us, ‘In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you’ Matthew 7:12. Therefore as Christians we cannot turn away from children in desperate need.

How can we go before our Saviour and say whole heartedly, ‘Lord I have done all I can’ when there are dozens of children across our Diocese who are unable to live with their families due to abuse and neglect? Unfortunately, due to a shortage of fosters carers, these children are housed in emergency motels with paid workers who are strangers to them.

CatholicCare is committed to making a positive change in the lives of children and young people, but we need your help!

We provide care and support services, partnering with families to ensure children have a stable and loving home in which they can thrive and have hope for the future.

To do this CatholicCare need people of faith who are willing to open their hearts and home to a new family member. Just as God reassures us ‘I will be with you’ in Isaiah 43:2, during difficult times He calls us to do the same for our children. Being a foster carer is not always easy. Yes, there will be challenges, but CatholicCare will be with you every step of the way, providing all the support you need.

Being a carer of a child in need is one of the most giving and rewarding things a person can do. It is a major decision but Romans 15:13 reminds us ‘the God of hope fills us with joy and peace as we trust in Him’.

‘Truly I tell you, insamuch as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’ Matthew 25:40

If you can open your heart and your home to a child or young person in need please contact us for more information:

P: (02) 9481 2600

Bishop Anthony calls for foster carers across the Diocese

There are dozens of children across our Diocese who require foster care. At times these children are housed in emergency motel style accommodation due to the shortage of foster carers. We are looking for everyday families who might consider taking a child or young person into their home – to love and support them – whether for one or two nights, a few weeks, months or long-term.

Foster Care CTA

Do you have a place in your heart & home for a child in need?

There are so many children and young people who cannot live at home.

Our priority is to ensure they have a safe, stable home. Can you help?

Sienna needs a forever home

Meet Sienna. She’s 13.

Her mum entered rehab when she was very young. She doesn’t know her dad and has no extended family. Her younger brothers have found their forever home but she is being supervised by case workers in a group home. She is currently in year 8 and a bright girl, and loves anime and playing the ukelele. She is worried she is too old to find a foster home.

Can you help us find a home for Sienna and show her that every child deserves a loving forever family?

Can you care for a child like Caitlin?

Meet Caitlin. She’s 10.

Caitlin has experienced separation from her family due to abuse and neglect. Despite the hardship she has experienced, Caitlin is a resilient little girl and does well at school.

Are you open to exploring foster care and caring for a child in need like Caitlin?

can you care for a sibling group?

Meet brothers Tyson, Michael and Calvin. They are 9, 7 and 4.

Their parents are in prison, and they need a stable home. There are no extended family members to take them in, and they’re scared and confused.

They keep asking who will look after them once their emergency placement comes to an end. Could this be you?

What exactly is foster care?

There are thousands of children in out of home care. They need families.

What's it like being in care?

Real kids talk about what care was like and the impact it had on them.

What's it like to be a carer?

Real carers share some of their experiences.

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