Our Waitara Centre


Our Waitara based services are on the go from morning till late afternoon:

  • During the day, our fitness, socialising, travel training, music making, cooking and communication programs incorporate your individual goals. The programs are suitable for anyone over 18 years and we encourage groups of similar interests to get together (see our Satellite and Accomplish programs) and we are always happy to add a new and inspirational group. Our aim is to focus on your goals and skill development, whilst encouraging independence where possible. The programs run from 9.00am – 3.00pm, Monday to Friday for 51 weeks per year.
  • Satellite programs – targeted to those with specific interests around gardening including volunteer work at the community garden, local newspaper deliveries, computer skills and interviewing, recording and writing for our internal newsletter service and more.
  • Accomplish programs – photography, recycling projects, money handling, logistics, stock taking, operating professional barista coffee machines and other basic hospitality industry skills in a ‘café setting’. You can explore volunteer work experience in the community, our bike riding fitness program and basic site maintenance skills.
  • Vacation Care activities during the school holidays are season appropriate and include both outdoor activities such as swimming, bushwalking, attending science and live shows and music workshops, as well as in centre social activities, art expression and cooking. Vacation care programs traditionally run from 8.30am – 4.00pm on a daily basis during school holidays (except public holidays and weekends). The programs are designed for those aged between 6 and 18 years of age.  We may run more than one vacation care to cater for more specific age groups if required.
  • Afternoon programs for children at our Waitara Centre and St Lucy’s School –  centre-based programs allowing school aged children to be involved in a number of short games and recreational activities. We can also offer homework support if needed. The programs run from 3.00pm – 6.00pm across both locations. Transport to and from venues can be arranged directly with the NSW Department of Education Assisted School Travel Program. Alternatively, in some cases, transport may be arranged with us charged to transport funding or fee for service.
  • Adult afternoon programs – consisting of basic computer skills, cooking, gardening and seedling growing and crafts.
  • Recreational programs – these are community activities for people of similar age groups delivered on Friday nights and/or Saturdays. These programs access community recreational activities of all types ranging from bushwalks, trampolining, and going to the movies, to attending shows at the Opera House.
  • Boonah Creative Arts – an art studio run specifically to meet the needs of artists living with disability. Established in 1995, the space also operates as a gallery, which is open to the public. Classes run Monday to Thursday and we offer a morning session from 9.00am – 12.00pm or an afternoon class from 12.30pm – 3.30pm in West Pymble. Highly trained and experienced facilitators coordinate each session, bringing a unique mix of artistic and therapeutic talent, as well as experience in the disability sector. Artists build confidence and resilience and enjoy inviting guests to visit the studio. Further promotion of their works happens throughout the year with artists working toward an annual art show which is held in the studio each December, plus craft fairs and additional hangings in other gallery spaces. Proceeds go to the artist, recognising their talent and achievement.
  • Individualised programs – to meet your specific interests or put into practice a specific skillset eg. horse riding

Our Waitara based services offer wide ranging options to suit every level of independence. Within the programs delivered, we focus on your interests and your goals. These may cover many areas and are always inclusive of literacy and numeracy skills.

  • Budgeting (understanding how to manage your money)
  • Time management
  • Travel training
  • Using technology
  • Developing and maintaining relationships
  • General communication

Our group setting programs allow for development of social skills within familiar as well as less familiar settings.

While the focus is on experience, fun and learning, we recognise the fundamental importance of excellent care and support. Our team is well trained and capable, ensuring that client needs are met with dignity and respect. Our Centre is open 51 weeks of the year, with activities running at times to best suit our clients – day, evening and weekends. If you have a great idea for a program we could run, we want to hear about it!

We have a number of different programs running in the local area:

  • 3 McAuley Place, Waitara host our day programs
  • Kate’s Place, Waitara is where we run our children’s programs and vacation care
  • 1a Clarke Road, Waitara is our lovely little cottage where we run our satellite programs as well as skills workshops, volunteer programs and art classes
  • St Lucy’s, Wahroonga is where we run an after school care program
  • And in West Pymble you will find Boonah – our famous creative arts studio!


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