Our Sculptures by the Sea adventure

December 21, 2017

Three of our clients – Nikita, Jake and Elyce  – participated in the volunteer programme at Sculptures by the Sea again this year. They were invited to choose a sculpture each, learn about it and share their thoughts with visitors to the exhibition as they delivered their own guided tours.

Simone, one of our Disability Futures Leaders accompanied them each time and thought they were just wonderful! They spoke very well and all had interesting thoughts on the artworks that they chose. 

We’d like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the time that Kica and the Sculptures team spent with Nikita, Jake and Elyce in delivering their very own tactile tour.

You are providing a wonderful service for the disability community by being inclusive and providing an accessible and adaptable program to suit all needs and requirements of all people with a disability. The team were incredibly patient and kind and were incredibly adaptable to our needs.

Since running their own tactile tour, we’ve really seen a difference in Elyce, Jake and Nikita’s confidence which has improved their social skills too.

We loved that the Sculptures team let them interpret the artworks exactly how they wanted to – even if the art reminded them of a toilet! The team embraced their likes and senses of humour and worked to fit these with their chosen artworks so that their tours were completely their own.

Thank you to everyone who helped put this amazing experience together!