Our commitment to Reconciliation

November 5, 2020

CatholicCare is proud to have had our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, demonstrating our commitment to:

  • Building relationships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Encouraging respect for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Taking and making opportunities for reconciliation
  • Tracking progress against the intentions noted in our RAP.

The Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group meets bi-monthly. Their job is to actively monitor the development of the RAP and implementation of actions, tracking progress and reporting. It provides advice to CatholicCare on the implementation and continuing development of the RAP.

We recognise this is only the first step in a challenging but significant journey of exploring and understanding how CatholicCare can play a proactive part towards reconciliation in our country.

As a social service agency, CatholicCare is critically aware of the disproportionate disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We commit to affirmatively leading change and making a difference across our Diocese, working collaboratively and cooperatively with Aboriginal communities, their leaders and Aboriginal agencies.

Some highlights of our journey this year include:

  • An Aboriginal Community Engagement Manager joined our team.
  • Partnering with Blakworks Employment Solutions to deliver cultural awareness workshops for staff.
  • Developing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources for staff to use within their programs.
  • Assisting Regional Youth Support Services (RYSS) with their first Reconciliation Action Plan.
  • Ensuring high quality Cultural Support Plans meet the needs of young people in our Permanency Support Program.
  • Celebrating National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day.
  • Endorsing a new Acknowledgement of Country.
  • Displaying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags at all of our services.
  • Celebrating National Reconciliation Week during COVID-19 with an online zoom for all staff including some impromptu digeridoo playing by one of our young clients.