Meet Sean from our Supported Temporary Accommodation Program

November 9, 2020

I migrated to Australia in 2013 with my family, after working for Child, Youth & Family in New Zealand. I’ve been with CatholicCare for 4 years now, initially starting as a Youth Worker in the residential care space. I moved onto the KEYS program (for young parents facing homelessness) then found myself coordinating the Supported Temporary Accommodation program. I have been a social worker for 16 years – I’d say I am a bit of an addict!

The homelessness sector is very topical at the moment – there is alot of scope for innovation and for community and business to work together which is exciting. We are funded to provide crisis accommodation and link people to key services. We provide a case management model of support. It’s very short-term, it’s intense, the work is very punchy and has to happen very quickly.

We provide practical and emotional support. It’s stressful being homeless! We are dealing with people who come from a long history of things not going particularly well. Mental health is a huge focus for us, as well as substance abuse and histories of inter-generational trauma.

It’s important that clients feel safe and supported. Our super lean team of three do everything in our power to improve their situations. Brad & Jo are exceptional. They are very dedicated, compassionate and skillful. Their work ethic is phenomenal and their integrity second to none. Having people like that in your team is priceless.

To be a part of a person’s journey that everyone put in the “too hard basket” – to see them gain some stability and for people to see the good in them – they are really wonderful stories to be part of.

“If I hadn’t come across Sean in my travels, I don’t know where I would have ended up. I was in a bad way. I had some major health issues he helped me sort out. He brings me groceries and meals and connects me with the services I need. He even came to hospital to visit me when I broke my hip. He just pops by to check in and I am so glad to know him. He turned my life around.”
Kenny, client