Our Foster Carers

Here we share the remarkable stories of some of those who provide a safe and nurturing home to vulnerable and at-risk children in our local community. We are so thankful for their support.
See Roz’s video story here.


I am Roz. I had a wonderful childhood, as did my own girls, and I wanted to give that same experience to other children. Seeing the growth in our foster children and knowing they are on the right track feels so good. We’re giving them something they’ve never had and that is very, very satisfying.

If you’re tempted to explore fostering, make the enquiry and see if it will work for you. Perhaps try respite care first – small chunks of time – just to feel it out. You can opt out at any time. The CatholicCare team is there every step of the way.

Helping children in need is an amazing experience. There are so many children needing care – whether it be for a week, for a month or for a lifetime. Every bit helps.


The rewards are priceless. For me, just seeing them smile and progress in a positive manner is enough. I love to see the children grow into the best they can be.

I am Margie. I have looked after six children over the last 10 years.

People need to consider foster care because there not enough carers for the amount of children needing care. If we don’t help they could be institutionalised.

Children simply need to feel that they belong. Many of these children come from dysfunctional families. They need the stability. If they keep getting moved around, that’s part of the problem. Each placement breakdown causes a little more damage to the child.

As a foster carer you need to remember that these children have a mother and a father, but what they need are positive role models. That’s what I am to my foster children.

There are not enough carers for the amount of children needing care!

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