Meet Connie from Cherrybrook

My name is Connie. You’ll find my Family Day Care centre in Cherrybrook.

I am a mum to two daughters.

I have been an educator since 2013. I worked in long day care before gaining my qualifications of Diploma of Child Care Studies in 2014 and opened my family day care to the Cherrybrook community.

During a day at Connie’s family day care, your child will be:

  • Exposed to bilingualism – Mandarin, Cantonese and English.
  • Supported and encouraged to build friendships and relationships
  • Encouraged to practice life skills and problem solve
  • Imaginative in their daily quests of self-expression through drama, dance, reading, music, art and craft
  • Loved and nurtured in their growth.

I believe every child is unique and recognise their individual differences. By engaging children in cultural experiences, you help to build young children’s self-confidence and skills, increase children’s awareness, appreciation and inclusion of diverse beliefs and cultures.


Family Day Care Coordination Unit
P: (02) 9488 2412 or (02) 9488 2572

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