Caring Dads – a group program for men who want to be better fathers

August 6, 2018


Caring Dads is for men who are committed to changing behaviours in order to be better, more child-centred fathers.

The program was developed in Canada by the University of Toronto, and is quite new to Australia. The program has been  well received by domestic and family violence agencies and services on the Central Coast, and we’ve seen a steady stream of referrals coming in to our Family Centre in Tuggerah.

Some men have attitudes and behaviours towards their partners and family members which have a detrimental impact on their families and children.

Over 17 weeks participants:

  • Develop awareness of controlling or harmful attitudes and behaviours
  • Learn how different parenting choices can positively or negatively affect children’s physical, emotional, psychological, social and educational development
  • Develop positive strategies and skills to improve family life
  • Learn how to cope better with upsetting emotions
  • Develop strategies and skills to repair and strengthen their relationships with their children.


Our current group commenced  1 May and is scheduled for completion late August. Flyer here. Participants are engaging well with the course content and activities. One participant said, ‘I have been personally impacted by the course and am learning a lot from it about myself and my fathering.’